• Chairman's Message


Chairman's Message

The number of industrial accidents has steadily been decreasing with the long-standing efforts of individual private enterprises; however, it is still true that approximately 540,000 workers encounter industrial accidents annually at their workplaces. At the same time, tragic accidents in which lots of workers get killed or injured at a time take place one after another, causing grave public concern.

In addition, health issues arising from the advancement of the aging of society and increased stresses at work are to be tackled, and what is strongly required now of employers is to place protection of workers' safety and health as one of the top priorities in their enterprises.

People's value of happiness and affluence may change to become more diversified over time, but one thing that will never change is their wish and the will to work in safety and in health.

We at JISHA pledge every effort to support enterprises with their OSH activities, heed their voices to realize safe, healthy and comfortable workplaces across Japan.

Chairmn Sadayuki Sakakibara



全ての働く人々に安全・健康を 〜Safe Work , Safe Life〜

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