JICOSH was closed in 2008. For further information, please contact JISHA.
Mission of the JICOSH

Building FacadeThe Japan International Center for Occupational Safety and Health (JICOSH) was established in July 1999 by the Ministry of Health, Labor and, Welfare with the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association assigned the responsibility for its operation.

While Japanese enterprises are increasingly developing overseas activities under the rapid globalization of economy, information on industrial safety and health, relevant laws and regulations, and labor practices is often difficult to obtain, and the levels of safety and health significantly vary in each country. Accordingly, Japanese firms are often placed in a difficult position in proceeding with effective and efficient safety and health management or taking appropriate countermeasures. In addition, although ensuring safety and maintaining and improving the health of workers are essential requirements that are commonly recognized throughout the world, there still are such problems as information or technologies relating to safety and health that are owned by various countries are not commonly shared by all parties concerned. JICOSH works to help resolve these issues.

JICOSH's operational expenses are covered by part of premiums paid by Japanese companies under the workmen' s accident compensation insurance system. The center's operations are targeted at providing a wide range of services centered on offering assistance to Japanese companies in terms of their overseas activities. Specifically, JICOSH is now carrying out the following activities:

1. Providing information relating to safety and health
2. Holding safety and health seminars

So far JICOSH has received courtesy visits made by representatives and groups from related organizations since the establishment of JICOSH in 1999. Click here to view the pictures of the visits.