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Safety and Health Seminars

About 10 safety and health seminars are held by JICOSH each year. These programs invite such personnel as managers responsible for safety and health from companies mainly in Asian countries where a number of Japanese companies are operating, and are aimed at transferring safety and health technologies that Japan has developed in the past to developing countries. These seminars, which invite about a dozen trainees each for a three-week program, include many visits to major Japanese companies, plants and research laboratories, including practical training in these facilities, along with lectures in English and information exchange.

The seminar participants are selected from among managers working for overseas Japanese businesses, local businesses, or for local safety and health organizations that are providing guidance and education in safety and health to their domestic companies. The selection is made on the basis of recommendations provided by the designated safety and health organizations listed in the attached table. (Currently, only the countries listed in this table are eligible for this program and not all the courses are available to all the countries listed. For more infomation,contact your local organization. The announcement is sent to them 4 months prior to each course.)

Up to now, courses offered in relation to the field of industrial safety have included safety management and current trends, safety in the construction industry, safety assessment in construction work, lifting appliance safety, safety operation of boilers, safety operation of press machines, and safety checks. Courses dealing with industrial health have included toxic substance management, physical hazard prevention, occupational health engineering, and ergonomics. New courses will be further developed in the future in response to emerging needs.