• Chairman's Message


Chairperson's Message

Chairperson Hiroaki NAKANISHI

JISHA has contributed to the development of economy, industries and companies and the creation of a affluent society as a promoter of occupational safety and health activities for more than half a century with close cooperation with the government and industries. In addition, we have various members as nationwide economic organizations, various industry associations and occupational accident prevention organizations by industries, labour standards association of each prefecture, etc. We have strongly appealed "safety first" in corporate management for all industries in our country and we have disseminated and realized it.

In order to grow and develop economy and industry and to be healthy and happy not only for workers but for each citizen, activities aiming at zero accident are necessary. In order to create a workplace where everyone can work safely and with good physical and mental health, it is necessary for us to make every effort to enhance voluntary safety and health activities focusing on strengthening on-site capabilities under the strong leadership of the top management.

Based on such recognition, JISHA supports the safety and health activities of companies and workplaces by making full use of the extensive knowledge and experience on occupational safety and health, which we have cultivated up to now, and high technical capabilities, to prevent occupational accidents and promote the workers' health.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support.

Chairperson, JISHA


President's Message

Chairman Hiroaki NAKANISHI
Nobuyuki YAMAKI

----To contribute to occupational safety and health activities of every stakeholders----

JISHA's management philosophy is "Safe work and safe life for all workers ~ Safe Work, Safe Life ~ ". Based on this philosophy, we are supporting safety of workers, safety awareness dissemination and occupational health promotion.

With the remarkable growth of science and technology, the diversification of ways to work and values, the aging population and declining birthrate, etc., there are major changes in the environment around occupational safety and health. JISHA tries to grasps these movements in a timely or sometimes expectantly manner. JISHA strives to "develop human resources" suitable for a new era, "technical support" making use of high expertise, "provide information", "OSH dissemination", etc.

Specifically, JISHA has conducted "Seminar for Top management and OSH staff, Zero Accident Activities, occupational health, etc.", "Development and accreditation of Risk assessment and Management system (OSHMS)", "Work environment measurement", "Analysis of chemical substances and assessment of exposure", "Stress check service", "Publication and Sales of OSH books and supplies", "OSH training and providing information for developing countries and Japanese companies operating overseas", "OSH support and assessment for small and medium sized workplaces", etc.

Occupational accidents in Japan have gradually declined due to the efforts of stakeholders, but in recent years new problems have emerged, especially as the number of serious disasters has increased. JISHA takes this situation seriously and will make every effort to contribute to the improvement of occupational safety and health at companies and workplaces by making use of further creative ingenuity with a sense of mission.

Nobuyuki YAMAKI
President, JISHA



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