5C Activities (5S in Japanese)

5C activities are the first step of safe activities.
There are many hidden hazards in workplaces.
According to Heinrich’s law, accidents occur in the ratio of 1 serious accidents to 29 minor accidents (incidents) and 300 near misses in workplaces.
There are countless unsafe situations and unsafe behavior behind these accidents.

5C activities are composed of clearing out, clearing up, cleaning, cleanliness and controlled behavior. They are simple and easy methods but can steadily rectify unsafe situations and possibly unsafe behavior in workplaces.

Many Japanese companies carry out 5C activities for the sake of keeping their workplaces safe.
In Japan, 5C activities are called 5S activities by abbreviation of the Japanese words of Seiri, Seiton, Seisou, Seiketsu and Shitsuke.

5C in English and 5S in Japanese
5C 5S
Clearing out Seiri
Clearing up Seiton
Cleaning Seisou
Cleanliness Seiketsu
Controlled behavior Shitsuke


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