• 77th National Industrial Safety and Health Convention 2018 in Yokohama

77th National Industrial Safety and Health Convention 2018 in Yokohama


JISHA holds the 77th National Industrial Safety and Health Convention 2018 in Yokohama.
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17 Oct. 2018 (Wed)- 19 Oct. 2018 (Fri)


Participants (plan)

Over 10,000 people from industrial sectors


Outline of Schedule (plan)

(All sessions are conducted by Japanese Language.)
17 Oct. 2018 (Wed)
General Meeting Program
(1) Attraction (12:15-13:00)
(2) Opening Ceremony (13:15-14:25)
(Part 1)
National anthem (standing)
A moment of silent prayer for victims of past industrial accidents
Opening remarks Vice Chairman of JISHA
Address by the Chairman of JISHA
Congratulatory Address by Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Congratulatory Address by Minister of Sports Agency
Congratulatory Address by Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture
Congratulatory Address by Mayor of Yokohama
Address by Chairman of Kanagawa Prefectural Labor Standards Association
(3) Commendation ceremony (
Commendations for individual persons and companies who have contributed to the promotion of industrial health and safety
(4) Conference Declaration
All parties declare that they will work together to prevent industrial accidents

(Part 2)
14:40 to 15:10 Speech by Labor Standards Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
15:10 to 15:20 Intermediate stretch by Health Care and Trainer
15:30 to 17:00 Special lecture

18th (Thursday) - 19th Oct. 2018 (Friday)
At the following subcommittees, each subcommittee will make about 10 to 20 presentations per day.

  • Special Session
  • Risk Assessment / Management System subcommittee
  • Safety Management Subcommittee
  • Safety of machinery and equipment subcommittee
  • Safety and health education subcommittee
  • Zero Accident Movement subcommittee
  • Traffic safety subcommittee
  • Accidents prevention / risk management subcommittee
  • Renovation of work style subcommittee
  • Tertiary Industry subcommittee
  • SME Subcommittee
  • Occupational Health Management subcommittee
  • Chemical Substance Management subcommittee
  • Mental health / health promotion subcommittee
  • International Safety and Health subcommittee

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12,900 yen / person

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全ての働く人々に安全・健康を 〜Safe Work , Safe Life〜

〒108-0014 東京都港区芝5-35-2 安全衛生総合会館

  • 厚生労働省
  • 安全衛生マネジメントシステム審査センター
  • 安全衛生情報センター