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Asia Occupational Safety and Health SAKURA Project

These days, the number of Japanese companies starting their operation in Asian region is prominently increasing. However, there are some cases where the lack of information and experiences leads to insufficient OSH in companies overseas bases.
Therefore, JISHA conducts this project in order to contribute to preventing labor accident as well as raising the safety awareness of the local employees by introducing know-how and experience in OSH field, which have been build up in Japan for a long time, into safety and health activities of Japanese affiliated companies.

Support Overview

JISHA conducts two kinds of incorporated support : One is for `Domestic Training in Japan' where experts of safety and health teach their know-how and experiences for preventing labor accidents, and the other is for `Providing advice and guidance in abroad where OSH experts are dispatched to overseas bases to teach.

Domestic training
JISHA aims to improve abilities of staff who are in charge of safety and health management in Japanese overseas affiliated companies by teaching not only practical activities at industrial sites in Japan, but also activities such as OSHMS (Occupational Safety and Health Management System), Risk Assessment, Zero-Accident Activities and 5S developing as overall activities.
Proving advice and guidance in abroad
JISHA dispatches OSH experts to local companies from Japan to support study `Domestic training' and `Provides advice and guidance on safety and health' in half a day according to situations at job sites.

Support Content

Domestic Training
JISHA holds OSH training courses in Vietnamese language in FY2019.
Course in Vietnamese language : Monday, November 25 〜 Saturday, November 30
Number of trainee admitted :
Approx.8 people (Basically, up to 2 staff from 1 company)
Application period :
Wednesday, July 31
Providing advice and guidance overseas
It will be held in the local companies in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi that trainees who attend the domestic training belong to. If your company is away from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you can apply only for 'Domestic Training'. The schedules will be arranged by JISHA.
Course in Vietnamese
Experts will be dispatched sometime in January through early March in 2020

Training requirements

Those who are eligible for trainings should belong to Japanese overseas affiliated companies focusing on manufacturing industry, and fulfill all the following conditions from ① through ④.

Those who are recommended by representatives of companies belonging to.
Those who have more than three years work experiences for safety and health
Those who have expertise for safety and health
Those who are under 45 years old and have a will to keep working at their present company after attending this project.


Domestic Training
Companies or trainee herself / himself should bear such expenditures as trainee's travel expenses to and from Japan, hotel accommodations, charges for local travel and meal expenses in Japan. JISHA bears training fees.
Providing advice and guidance
Companies don't have to pay any expenditures. JISHA bears such expenditures as expert's travel expenses to and from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, hotel accommodations, meal expenses, interpretation fees, fees for advice and guidance in the above countries.

How to apply

Please download the prescribed application below and apply to JISHA via e-mail by each deadline through department in charge of safety and health of parent companies in Japan of Japanese overseas affiliated companies where applicants belong to.

Qualified trainees will be selected on the basis of training requirements, and JISHA will inform the person in charge of application of the results by late August.
Please understand in advance that in case there are too many applicants, you may not be able to attend trainings.

Application Guideline



Submit either Japanese application or English one.
Japanese ver.
PDFAnother window opens(PDF 116KB) WORDAnother window opens(WORD 60KB)
English ver.
PDFAnother window opens(PDF 102KB) WORDAnother window opens(WORD 57KB)


Project Guidebook for participating companies

  • Japanese ver.(In preparation
  • Vietnamese ver.(In preparation

For application and Inquiry

Contact : Mr.Sumi, International Affairs Center, Technical Department
5-35-2 Shiba,Minato-ku,Tokyo, 108-0014 JAPAN
TEL:+81-3-3452-6297 FAX:+81-3-5445-1774


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