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  • Relation between Type of accidents and workers' scales of Fatal accidents in 1991-2020

Relation between Type of accidents and workers' scales of Fatal accidents in 1991-2020

code Type of accidents 9 workers or less 10-29 30-49 50-99 100-299 300 workers or more unknown total
01fall from heightAnother window opens6,1273,2911,0536575222335411,937
02falling to same levelAnother window opens41036112989962911,115
03crashAnother window opens6378322521130232
04struck by flying or falling objectAnother window opens1,0008163161791137592,508
05collapseAnother window opens1,2771,01634521014454123,058
06crashed byAnother window opens1,2958833462351969383,056
07caught in/betweenAnother window opens1,8321,959837613581378206,220
08cutAnother window opens102492814521201
09injury to the sole of the footAnother window opens2772101038
10drownAnother window opens3682841017282272936
11contact to high/low-temperatureAnother window opens295204816255543754
12contact to harmful substanceAnother window opens242168956668501690
13electric shockAnother window opens300173644653392677
14explosionAnother window opens78106442737351328
15burstAnother window opens20301012915096
16fireAnother window opens147137587224222462
17traffic accident (public road)Another window opens2,9184,3782,0761,4971,0192932912,210
18traffic accident (others)Another window opens151109554350344446
19reaction to motion/improper motionAnother window opens11001003
90othersAnother window opens24427716414113896151,075
99unclassifiableAnother window opens4732211912101142
00totalAnother window opens16,94414,3595,8574,0803,2261,55316546,184

Data of 2011 year do not include Industrial accidents caused by Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Data sources: https://anzeninfo.mhlw.go.jp/anzen_pg/SIB_FND.aspxAnother window opens (MHLW, Japan)

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