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Case No.106

A worker is caught between the stanchions designed to support the netting at a golf driving range during work to reposition the stanchions

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[Description of the Accident]

This accident occurred during work to reposition some steel stanchions that were designed to support the netting at a golf driving range that was under construction.

While work to paint the three stanchions before they were set up had been scheduled for the day of the accident, it was decided to move the stanchions horizontally by using two mobile cranes to space them a little farther apart because they were lying too close together to be painted.

This work to reposition the steel stanchions was carried out by total of six workers, consisting of four slinging workers and two mobile crane operators. First they moved the stanchion that was at the end of the three about 1.5 meters father away, and then moved the one that was in the middle about one meter in the same direction.

Immediately after doing so, this stanchion started to roll and one of the two workers who were carrying out work to install wedges between the stanchions could not move out the way. He was caught by the abdomen between the stanchions and crushed to death.

The other worker was able to escape injury, as he immediately lay on his stomach when the stanchion started to roll.

[Causes supposed]

1. While wooden wedges to prevent the steel stanchions from rolling had been installed, their placement was not appropriate and not enough were installed.

2. The sleeper installation method was not appropriate.

3. The work was carried out without designating a person to provide signals concerning mobile crane operations.

4. The slinging work was being carried out by persons who were not properly qualified.

5. At the time the load being lowered by the mobile cranes was not yet fully stable, work was being carried out nearby.

[Type of business] Construction of steel-frame, reinforced-concrete structures
[Caused by] Metal material
[Type of accident] Caught
[Number of victims] One fatality