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Case No.108

A worker walking on a cargo pile of rounded steel bars is killed when the pile falls over, catching the head of the worker

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[Description of the Accident]

This accident took place during preparatory work to pick up rounded steel bars for shipment from a cargo pile within a warehouse.

Various kinds of specialty steel materials were stored in the warehouse, which had an overhead crane to lift and move the materials.

The victim was working with crane operator A on the day of the accident. They entered the warehouse to ship two rounded steel bars, which had a diameter of 250 mm and a length of 6 m.

In order to take two steel bars from the pile, crane operator A entered the driver's cab of the overhead crane and was waiting for a signal from the victim.

The victim selected steel material to be shipped, and climbed up on the cargo pile of the rounded steel bars to carry out the slinging work. While he was moving on the pile, one of the rounded steel bars rolled down, catching the head of the victim.

[Causes supposed]

1. Various kinds of rounded steel bars with different diameters were heaped up in one cargo pile.

2. There were some rounded steel bars in the upper and middle sections of the cargo pile that were not firmly settled in the grooves of the cargo pile, making them prone to easily roll down.

3. The work was carried out without confirming the safety situation of the cargo pile.

4. Education concerning the dangers involved in cargo piling work had not been adequately provided.

5. While similar work had been carried out on a daily basis, no operations manual had been prepared.

6. The work was not carried out under the supervision of an operation chief of cargo piling, which is required by law and ordinance.

[Type of business] Other wholesaling
[Caused by] Metal materials
[Type of accident] Slide
[Number of victims] One fatality