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Case No.13

Falling along with a steel frame during work to load steel frames onto the cargo bed of a truck

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[Circumstances of Incident]

The accident occurred at a plant that manufactures steel framing for construction.

The plant carries out work that involves drilling holes, cutting and welding of steel pillars and girders used in construction. These prefabricated steel frames are then delivered to construction sites.

Since the start of his working shift on the day of the accident, the victim had been carrying out work using an overhead traveling crane to load finished steel frames onto the cargo bed of a large-size truck.

At around 13:40, another worker who was engaged in welding work nearby looked over and noticed that the victim who had been handling the loading work had fallen down on his right side and a steel frame was lying atop him.

At the time, it was noticed that the sling rope being used by the victim had only one eye attached to the loading hook of the overhead traveling crane.

The following can be cited as the causes of this accident.

1 The direct cause was that an inappropriate method was used to unhook the sling rope from the overhead traveling crane while loading fabricated steel frames onto the truck.

In other words, the method of lifting a load by the overhead traveling crane while only one eye of the sling is attached to the hook is inappropriate and should be avoided.

2 The two following factors can be cited as indirect causes.

[1] There was no facility that allowed the worker to safely move up and down between the floor and the truck bed or the top of the load on the truck bed.

[2] There was no operation leader.

[Type of business] Other metal products manufacturing
[Type of accident] Fall
[Number of victims] One fatality