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Case No.24

Crushed by collapse of casting sand flexible-containers

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[Circumstances of the Incident]

This accident occurred at a  factory that produces casting sand. 

On the day of accident, the victim has started work at around 8:00, and was ordered to transport products that had been manufactured at plant production lines from the product shipping outlet to a product warehouse by operating a forklift, and to pile them in three layers in the warehouse for temporary storage.

At around 14:30, the worker started to collect loose sand scattered around the stacked sand containers by using a shovel and a wheelbarrow.

Soon after starting the sand collection work, a three-layer stack of flexible-containers suddenly collapsed and crushed the victim, resulting in his death due to a broken neck that caused suffocation.

Five flexible containers were scattered around the accident site, one of which was found on the back of the victim.


The following can be considered as the causes of this accident.

1 Flexible containers were piled on accumulated sand on the floor, keeping them under an unstable condition.

2. When the victim was collecting scattered sand, he tried to rake out sand from under the stacked containers.

3. As no instruction manual had been prepared for operations that are usually carried out in the warehouse, the victim had to use their own judgement in carrying out his job.

4. No safety education/training had been provided to workers.

[Type of business] Non-organic/organic chemical product manufacturing
[Type of accident] Collapse
[Number of victims] One fatality