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Case No.51

Anoxia during scaffolding work to repair the intake pit at a garbage disposal site

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[Description of the Accident]

This accident occurred during repair work on the slanted concrete wall of an intake pit at a garbage disposal site.

On the day of the accident, a worker affixed anchor bolts in the concrete wall of the intake pit by using a sling suspended from the traveling crane installed at a garbage disposal site.

While trying to build a temporary scaffold by installing a 5-meter metal beam on two anchor bolts, the worker dropped the beam into the garbage.

Accordingly, the worker asked the crane operator to lower the sling, and tried to wind the cable around the beam so that it could be lifted up. While trying to fasten the cable, the worker suddenly fell forward.

The crane operator immediately climbed down into the pit to rescue the worker, but also fell down into the pit.

While the both men were evacuated from the pit by ambulance crew, the workers were was pronounced dead from anoxia.

[Causes supposed]

1. Despite that the working site posed the danger of anoxia, the concentrations of oxygen and hydrogen sulfide were not measured.

2. An operations chief was not appointed.

3. Accident prevention measures were not fully studied in the work plan.

4. Respiratory equipments was not.

5. Safety and health education was not provided.

[Type of business] Other construction work
[Caused by] Temporary structures, buildings, etc.
[Type of accident] Contact with harmful substance, etc.
[Number of fatalities] One fatality and one injury