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Case No.55

Rockslide when installing safety netting on a steep slope

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[Description of the Accident]

This accident occurred during work to install safety netting to prevent falling rocks down onto a mountain road.

The work was conducted along a horizontal stage (a so-called ledge) located halfway up the slope and 40m above the surface of the road.

The work method involved boring holes in the slope by rock drill and installing anchors to support stays and wire netting. When the drilling work was completed, a rock (2m in height maximum 1m in width maximum 0.5m in thickness) that had been loosened suddenly fell, and hit two workers. One worker who had been working on the ledge was hit by the rock and knocked to his death on the road down below, and another worker who had been standing on the road was injured when the falling rock hit his foot.

[Causes supposed]

1. Work was being conducted at a dangerous site where rockslides frequently occur.

2. The equipment to secure work safety was not fully provided.

3. Preliminary surveys and safety measures were not fully implemented.

4. A work plan had not been prepared.

[Type of business] Other construction work
[Caused by] Natural ground, rocks
[Type of accident] Flying, fall
[Number of fatalities] One fatality and one injury