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Case No.62

Concrete injection hose swang out of control, knocking the victim onto steel reinforcing rods

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[Description of the Accident]

This accident occurred when an operator was gradually lowering the boom while the victim was pulling the nozzle of a concrete injection hose in order to pour concrete for the station floor at a subway construction site. When the victim tried to free the joint of the hose from a beam which was supporting the steel reinforcing rods for the wall, the joint suddenly become free, allowing the hose to swing out of control. The hose swatted the victim, knocking him onto the steel reinforcing rods on the floor, where a height marker attached to the rods, pierced the victim's back.

[Causes supposed]

1. As the victim tried to jerk the injection hose with great force to quickly bring the nozzle to the work location, the joint was caught in the brace.

2. While trying to free the joint from the brace, the victim stood on the steel reinforcing rods on the floor.

3. As the joint suddenly become free of the brace, the victim was struck by the abruptly swinging hose.

[Type of business] Train track construction
[Caused by] Construction machinery, etc.
[Type of accident] Hit by moving object
[Number of victims] One fatality