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Case No.70

Electric shock caused by mobile crane boom coming into contact with high-voltage line while hoisting containers

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[Description of the Accident]

From the morning on the day of the accident, the victim was engaged in work to transport containers of corn from a farm to the warehouse of a consignee by a truck on which a mobile crane was installed.

Around 18:00 when the victim was extending the mobile crane boom to load the sixth container on the truck, the boom contacted a 6,600-volt overhead high-voltage line.

As the victim was supporting the steel container with his bare hands to steady its positioning, he was immediately electrocuted.

[Causes supposed]

1.The mobile crane boom was extended right beneath a high-voltage electric line.

2. The dangerous circumstances were misjudged as the work was carried out in the darkness after sunset.

3. The victim had not received any safety and health education.

[Type of business] Common motor trucking
[Caused by] Mobile crane
[Type of accident] Electrocution
[Number of victims] One fatality