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Case No.71

Fall from utility pole due to electric shock while inspecting high-voltage power receiving equipment

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[Description of the Accident]

The victim was working for a company that specializes in inspecting electrical facilities.

On the day of the accident, the victim went up the pole alone in order to inspect the high-voltage power receiving equipment located on a utility pole at the factory that requested the inspection.

After a little while, the wife of the factory owner heard the cry "Help" and contacted her husband.

When the owner rushed to the site, he found the victim unconscious at the bottom of the utility pole. Although the victim was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, he died three hours later.

[Causes supposed]

1.One of mercury lamps used for factory lighting had a short, which affected the transformer rack through the building.

2. The victim was not wearing the proper gear for on-the-pole work such as a safety belt and rubber gloves.

3. A work manual was not prepared, and education and training based on such a manual was not provided.

[Type of business] Other
[Caused by] Electric power facilities
[Type of accident] Fall
[Number of victims] One fatality