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Case No.76

Fall from a toppling utility pole during removal of temporary electric wire

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[Description of the Accident]

This accident occurred while removing wiring from a temporary utility pole.

On the day of the accident, the foreman and six workers started work to remove electric wiring from six temporary utility poles. The victim climbed the third pole by himself to remove the electric wiring. At the time, the foreman was engaged in supervisory work, four workers were assigned to separate high-tension lines on the first and second poles, and the remaining worker was assigned to remove electric wiring from the fourth temporary utility pole.

As work on the four poles was almost finished, the victim moved to the fifth pole, and the other workers moved to the sixth pole.

While the victim was engaged in work to remove metallic wires at the height of about 7 m above the ground on the fifth temporary utility pole, the pole suddenly collapsed at the base and began toppling towards the road. As the victim was using a safety belt connected to the pole, he fell along with the pole and fatally injured his head.

[Presumed causes]

1. The utility poles were not inspected prior to work to confirm that there was no fear of collapse, etc.

2. Support wires for the utility pole had been removed in violation of safety work procedures.

3. The general contractor did not provide overall safety and health control.

4. Safe working methods were not fully discussed through a toolbox meeting, etc.

5. The foreman was not supervising the work.

[Type of business] Telecommunications construction work
[Causal object] Removal of temporary structure
[Type of accident] Fall
[Number of victims] One fatality