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Case No.83

Fall together with drag shovel during work to load volcanic ash

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[Description of the Accident]

During work to load volcanic ash onto a truck by a drag shovel at a quarry pit, the drag shovel fell from the hillock, catching the operator between the falling machine and the ground.

On the day of the accident, the victim and a co-worker drove their respective dump trucks to a quarry pit to load volcanic ash to be carried to a construction site.

After loading and driving away the second load, the victim was late to return to the pit for the third load. Accordingly, the co-worker loaded his truck and drove off before the arrival of the victim. When the victim arrived, he started using the drag shovel himself to load his truck. The shovel fell backwards 2.4 meters below the narrow hillock on which it was working, crushing the victim under the machine. The victim was rushed to a hospital, but died on the day following the accident.

[Causes supposed]

1. A safety control system, such as the assignment of a guide, etc., was not established.

2. No work plan was prepared for the digging operations.

3. The operations of the drag shovel were not properly carried out.

4. No safety education was provided.

5. No special voluntary inspections by a qualified person were carried out.

[Type of business] Gravel quarrying
[Caused by] Excavation machine
[Type of accident] Fall
[Number of victims] One fatality