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Case No.88

Crushed under falling logs during work to unload logs from a ship by mobile crane

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[Description of the Accident]

This accident occurred during work to unload logs from a ship by using the mobile crane on the wharf.

On the day of the accident, all workers participated in a morning meeting concerning the procedures for each job related to unloading logs from a foreign ship.

While work proceeded almost as scheduled, the accident occurred in the afternoon. The operator of the mobile crane on the wharf moved the grapple to pick up logs in the third hatch in accordance with the instructions of the signalman. When the operator tried to close the grapple as instructed via radio by the signalman, he saw a stanchion that was installed to prevent the shifting of the cargo started to collapse.

Although the operator shouted via radio "Watch out," the stanchion collapsed and disappeared from his sight.

When the operator got off the mobile crane and rushed to the deck, the signalman was lying face-down under the stanchion and was already unconscious.

[Causes supposed]

1. Although the stanchion was stable due to the weight of the logs when the logs piled high, it became unstable when the volume was reduced as the outward force was reduced.

2. While the work procedures required that the stanchion be pulled out when the unloading work reaches the stage at which the stanchion is no longer necessary to prevent the cargo from falling, this procedure was omitted.

3. The signalman was not stationed in an appropriate position.

[Type of business] Stevedoring
[Caused by] Mobile crane
[Type of accident] Collapse
[Number of victims] One fatality