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Case No.89

Worker cleaning a hold crushed by falling cargo during work to unload lumber by cargo hoisting equipment

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[Description of the Accident]

This accident occurred during work to unload imported lumber by cargo hoisting equipment from a cargo vessel berthed at a wharf.

The unloading work started by installing frames (which were hangers exclusively for lumber) in the cargo hoisting equipment at the wharf. Lumber was then hoisted by the cargo hoisting equipment in units of four to eight bundles each from the port hold and unloaded on the wharf from cargo doors on the ship.

After completing work on the port side, workers moved to the starboard side to conduct work at the starboard side. After this, two other workers who had been waiting entered the port hold and started cleaning work.

Work was immediately started on the starboard side. The operator of the cargo hoisting equipment moved eight bundles (about 16 tons in weight) of lumber that were slung from the starboard hatch to the port hatch.

When the cargo was moved over the port hatch towards the stern, half of the slung cargo dropped into the port hold.

At the time, the two cleaning workers were rolling up vinyl sheeting that had been under the lumber. Four of the falling bundles of lumber directly hit one of the workers.

[Causes supposed]

1. Split pins were not inserted in the bolts of the shackle installed in the frame.

2. No inspection was made of the frame condition before starting work.

3. The slinging method was not appropriate.

4. Cleaning work was carried out under the route on which cargo hoisted from the hold was being moved.

5. The operation chief of stevedore was not carrying out his duties.

[Type of business] Stevedoring
[Caused by] Hoisting equipment
[Type of accident] Hit by flying or falling object
[Number of victims] One fatality