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Case No.91

Mobile crane topples over during bridge construction work

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[Description of the Accident]

In this accident, a mobile crane being used at a steel-bridge construction work site toppled over. At this construction site, it was decided to carry out work to lift a strut to be used for temporary support when installing steel girders by using a mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tons. When the operator of the mobile crane started to pull and lift the top strut from a pile of three, the crane fell over and the operator's cab smashed into the bridge abutment. The operator was caught in the smashed cab and was crushed to death.

[Causes supposed]

1. The outriggers had not been extended to their maximum.

2. The load being lifted exceeded the rated capacity of the crane.

3. Personnel working with and around the crane were not fully aware of the operational procedures, which included anti-toppling measures.

4. Safety education was not provided concerning operations using mobile cranes.

[Type of business] Bridge construction
[Caused by] Mobile crane
[Type of accident] Overturn
[Number of victims] One fatality