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Case No.95

A worker is run over by a tire roller with a broken brake during road paving and maintenance work

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[Description of the Accident]

Because of a broken brake on a tire roller that the driver was trying to move from the parking space to the sidewalk, the driver ran over the victim, who was waiting on the sidewalk.

While the driver was moving the tire roller from the parking space to the work site, he thought that he would hit a sign that marked off the work site. Consequently, he tried to move the tire roller a little bit forward to turn the wheel.

The entrance of the parking space inclined toward the sidewalk. When the driver moved the tire roller forward to turn the wheel, the brake failed to work and the tire roller moved up on the sidewalk. It bumped against a floodlight, ran over the victim, and bumped against a guardrail post before coming to a stop. Although the driver had seen the victim standing there, he was unable to avoid him.

[Causes supposed]

1. While the tire roller was moving on an incline, the brake did not work properly and the tire roller ran out of control.

2. The place where the victim was waiting was in the front of the direction in which the roller was moving.

3. An inspection of the brake on the tire roller had not been thoroughly carried out before work was started.

[Type of business] Road construction work
[Caused by] Construction machine
[Type of accident] Traffic accident
[Number of victims] One fatality