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Case No.96

A refrigerator truck runs into a working section where paving work is being carried out and knocks down the workers

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[Description of the Accident]

At a work site for road paving work about 240 meters before an interchange for inbound lanes on a super highway, a refrigerator truck traveling on the super highway ran into the working section and knocked down the workers.

On the day of the accident, the 4.5-ton refrigerator truck carrying fresh fish was driving at the speed of 120 kilometers per hour on a restricted lane for which the speed limit was set at 50 kilometers per hour. As a passenger car traveling in front of the truck slowed down, the truck driver tried to avoid it. Even though he was applying his brakes, he could not slow down in time and ran into the working section on the restricted lane, knocking down nine workers, including the person controlling traffic. One of the nine was killed and the eight others were injured. The truck driver was also injured.

[Causes supposed]

1. The driver that caused the accident was speeding, and he failed to maintain enough distance from the vehicle ahead.

2. The workplace employing the truck driver did not properly carry out personnel management or safety and health management, which resulted in the inadequate supervision of driving time per day, daily reports, etc.

[Type of business] Road construction work
[Caused by] Truck
[Type of accident] Traffic accident
[Number of victims] One fatality, nine requiring work absences