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12. Matters to be Observed by Workers

Collaborative efforts by employers and workers are essential in promoting activities to prevent industrial accidents. Accordingly, workers are legally required to perform in a reliable manner a variety of safety and health measures implemented by employers.

1. Basic Observance Requirements for Workers

Workers are required to comply with the following among the necessary measures implemented by employers:

(a) Measures to prevent dangers due to machines, etc., explosive materials, electricity, and other energy sources
(b) Measures to prevent dangers due to working methods in loading and unloading and other operations
(c) Measures to prevent health impairment
(d) Measures necessary to maintain appropriate ventilation, lighting and cleanliness at workplaces
(e) Measures to prevent industrial accidents due to work behavior
(f) Measures including evacuation at the time of imminent dangers
(g) Rescue measures at the time of disasters

2. Matters to be Observed in Construction Work, Etc.

(a) Matters for which the master employer has issued instructions to correct the violations of laws and regulations in relation to subcontracted work
(b) Instructions given by the master employer in collaborative meetings in construction and shipbuilding work
(c) Measures taken by the master employer in allowing subcontractors to use structures or facilities in construction work
(d) Safety and health improvement plans prepared by employers

3. Limitation on Placement of Non-Qualified Workers to Certain Operations

Workers without proper qualifications shall not be assigned to certain operations that are subject to license or skill training requirements.

4. Matters to be Observed for the Maintenance and Promotion of Health

(a) Workers shall undergo medical examinations
(b) Workers shall not transfer or lend their personal health records to others.

5. Individual Matters to be Observed

The Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and other related ordinances require employers to take various measures to prevent industrial accidents. Corresponding to these requirements, workers are also required to observe a number of provisions. For example:

(a) Workers shall not remove or suspend the operation of safety devices.
(b) Workers shall follow any designated signs in starting the operation of machines if such signs are specified.
(c) Workers shall not use gloves when operating drilling machine.
(d) Workers shall use a safety block to prevent the sudden drop of slides, etc., when they install, remove or adjust metal molds in press machines.
(e) Workers shall not use machines generating electric arcs or fires at places where the existence of flammable dust etc., poses danger of explosions or fires.
(f) Workers shall use safety helmets at places where objects are likely to fall.
(g) Workers shall use gas masks when carrying out operations involving organic solvents.
(h) Workers shall use safety belts at places that pose the risk of falling

(Penalties will be discussed in the next session)