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18. Regulations concerning Industrial Robots

1.Measures for training and exercise of operation within the movement of robots

(1) Establishing work rules
(a) Procedures for robot operation
(b) Operating speed of the manipulator while the robot is in operation
(c) Methods for signals among plural workers operating a robot
(d) Procedures for emergency actions
(e) Procedures for resuming robot operation after its emergency stop 
(f) Other measures to prevent the danger due to the sudden start or erroneous operation of the robot
(2) Measures to immediately stop robot operation at the time of emergency
(3) Posting signs indicating robot operation

2.Prevention of dangers during operation

Installing fences around the robot to protect workers from dangers contact with the robot

3.Measures for inspection, etc.

(1) Locking the start switch or posting signs to indicate that work is currently in progress before starting inspections, repairs or adjustment (excluding training and exercise)
(2) Establishing work rules (the same contents as that in Item (1)-1), excluding b)
(3) Measures to immediately stop robot operation at the time of emergency

4.Inspections before starting demonstration of operation

(1) Damage to the insulation or sheath of the external cables
(2) Performance of manipulators
(3) Performance of braking and emergency stop systems

5.Special education

Special education is required for workers who carry out work in training/exercise in (1) and inspections in (3).

"Accidents of flying and falling objects will be discussed in the next session.)