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3. Measures to Protect Workers from Hazards or Health Impairments

Employers are legally required to take the following measures to protect workers from hazards or health impairments
Specific measures are stipulated in detail by the Industrial Safety and Health Ordinance and other ordinances.

(1)Hazards that must be prevented:

(a) Hazards due to machinery, equipment and other facilities
(b) Hazards due to explosive, ignitable or inflammable materials
(c) Hazards due to electricity, heat and other energy
(d) Hazards due to working methods in excavation, quarrying, stevedoring, and logging work 
(e) Hazards of falling from cliffs and of landslides

(2)Causes of health impairments that must be prevented:

(f)  Raw materials, gases, steam, dust, oxygen-deficient air and pathogens
(g)  Radiation, high temperatures, low temperatures, supersonic waves, noise, vibrations, and abnormal air pressures 
(h) Operations such as instrument monitoring and precision processing
(i) Exhaust, liquid waste and residuals

(3)Industrial accidents arising from working behavior

(4)Maintaining secure stairs and floors, ventilation, lighting, illumination, heat-retention and rest rooms

(The next article of this series will outline regulations on machinery, etc.)