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4. Ordinances on Machine, Etc.

It is important to secure the safety of machines and facilities in preventing industrial safety and health. Boilers and other machines involving especially dangerous operations are legally subject to certain procedures and inspections during each stage of manufacturing, distribution, installation and usage. (Machine with harmful effects on health is subject to different ordinances.)

(1)Requirements for Manufacturing Stage

1.Permission for  manufacturing

(a) Those who wish to manufacture eight types of machines, including boilers and cranes (called specified machines), must acquire permission from the Director of Prefectural Labour Bureau in advance of starting any manufacturing. (See the attached table.)

(b) In the case of boilers, for example,  applications for manufacturing permission must be accompanied by the following documents:

* Strength calculation data sheet
* Type, capabilities and number of facilities to manufacture and inspect  boilers
* Summary  of personal career for those responsible for manufacturing
* Qualification and number of manufacturing workers
* Test results about the welding method in case of manufacturing by welding 

2.Inspections at the time of manufacturing, etc.

(a) Those who manufacture machines., under manufacturing permission are required to use  subject to manufacturing inspection  by authorized inspection agencies designated by the Director of Prefectural Labour Bureau or the Labour Minister. (See the attached table.)

* Boilers: structure and welding inspections
* Mobile cranes: manufacturing inspections

(b) Imported , etc., are also subject to usage inspections.

(c)  Qualified by inspections under Items 1) and 2) are marked and labeled with  detailed specifications to indicate that they are qualified by structural, welding, or usage inspections..

(d) Inspection certificates are issued for mobile boilers, mobile cranes, and gondolas that are qualified by the inspections above.

(2)Requirements for Installation Stage

1.Installation notification and completion inspection

(a) In the event that machines qualified by structural inspections  or having  inspection certificates are installed, those installing such machines are required to notify the competent labour standards inspection office of such installation, and to have such machines inspected upon completion.

(b) Completion inspection certificates are issued for boilers, class 1 pressure vessels, cranes, derricks, elevators, and construction lifts qualified by completion inspection.

2.Installation reports

In the event small boilers not subject to manufacturing inspection are installed, installation reports must be submitted to the competent labour standards inspection office. (See the attached table.)

(3)Requirements for Distribution Stage

1.Required structural standards

Machines involving dangerous operations other than specified machines, and/or those used in dangerous locations cannot be transferred, leased or installed unless they meet the structural standards or have safety devices specified by the labour minister. (See the attached table for examples.)

2.Individual examination

Certain machines., among those subject to structural standards are required to undergo individual examinations or model examinations. (See the attached table for examples.)
3.Recall orders, etc.,

The labour minister or the chief of the Chief of Prefectural Labour Standards Office may give orders to recall or improve machines not meeting structural standards or not undergoing individual examinations if they are to be transferred or leased.

(4)Requirements for Usage Stage

The following inspections are required for installed machines to be used under ordinary conditions.

1.Periodic voluntary inspections

Employers are required to carry out periodic voluntary inspections and maintenance at least once per year, or once per month for machines, subject to structural standards. (See the attached table for examples.)

2.Specified voluntary inspections

Among machines subject to periodic voluntary inspections, those requiring inspection by specialists(called as specified voluntary inspection) must be inspected by authorized inspectors of the employer or other inspection agencies at the time of periodic voluntary inspections once per year.

3.Performance tests

Among machines subject to manufacturing permission, the continuing use of boilers, class 1 pressure vessels, cranes, mobile cranes, derricks, elevators and gondolas is subject to the renewal of  the valid term of their inspection certificates by undergoing performance tests by authorized performance test agencies designated by the chief of the labour standards inspection office or the labour minister.

4.Inspections before starting work

Inspection and repair work relating to safety functions must be carried out before staring the day's work for machines., subject to structural standards.

TO attached table

Regulations on Harmful Substances will be discussed in the next session.