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6. Regulations Concerning Restrictions on Placement and Qualifications
-Work Involving Restrictions on Placement

In order to prevent industrial accidents, it is important to implement safety measures with respect to machines and facilities, as well as to ensure that those who operate machines, etc., and otherwise work in hazardous working environments conduct their activities in a correct and safe manner. Accordingly, persons who operate dangerous machines or otherwise work in hazardous and harmful working environments are required to obtain an appropriate qualifying license or to complete the necessary skill training course

1. Work requiring qualifying licenses

(1)Types of work

* Blasting work (i)
* Operations involving cargo hoisting equipment (i)
* Boiler operation work (Special Class, Class I and Class II) (i)
* Operations chief of work for handling Class-I pressure vessels (i)
* Boiler maintenance work (i)
* Boiler or Class-I pressure vessel welding work (Special and Ordinary classes) (i)
* The operation of cranes, etc. (cranes, mobile cranes, derricks) (i)
* Operations chief of gas welding (i)
* Diving work (i)
* Health supervisor (Class I, Class II)
* Health supervisor in health engineering
* Operations chief of work-in-compressed air (ii)
* Operations chief of forestry cableway work (i)
* Operations chief of work with X-rays, etc. (i)

(2)Method of acquiring qualifying license

Licenses are taken by passing an examination given at an examination agency designated by the Minister of Labour

(3)Valid term of qualifying license

Two years for boiler welding work; none for others

(4)Persons not qualified to take licenses

* Persons younger than 18 for work marked with (i); persons younger than 20 for work marked with (ii).
* Persons considered to be unsuitable to engage in the work for which the specific qualifying license is required due to physical or mental impairment.
* Persons who re-apply for a qualifying license before the expiration of a period of one year after a qualifying license has previously been revoked.
(Reasons for revocation)
* The commission of any acts resulting in a grave or dangerous situation as a result of willful intentions or gross negligence
* The violation of any laws, etc., with respect to the work for which a qualifying license is required.
.* The commission of unfair or fraudulent acts with respect to the license examination process
* The transfer or lending of a qualifying license to another person

2. Work requiring the completion of a skill training course

(1)Types of work

* Cutting and welding work using gas and oxygen
* The operation of vehicle-type construction machines
* The operation of vehicle-type cargo handling machines (forklifts, shovel-loaders, off-road transportation vehicles)
* The operation of elevated work vehicle
* Slinging work involving loads of one ton or more
* Operations chief of work involving woodworking machines
* Operations chief of work involving press machines
* Operations chief of work involving industrial dryers
* Operations chief of construction-related work, etc. (concrete breaker, excavations of natural ground, timbers and waling, excavation of tunnels, etc., lining of tunnels etc., quarrying, the timbering of the molds for concrete placing, steel bridge construction,etc., wooden building construction,etc.,demolition of concrete structures,etc., concrete bridge construction, etc.)
* Operations chief of stevedoring work

(2)Facilities that provide skill training courses

Attending a course provided at a training agency designated by the Director of Prefectural Labour Bureau.

(Safety and Health Education will be discussed in the next session.)