• Cases of Industrial Accidents Occurred in Japan

Cases of Industrial Accidents Occurred in Japan

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Cases of Industrial Accidents Occurred in JapanAnother window opens
Cases of Industrial Accidents Occurred in Japan 日本の労働災害事例
In Japan, nearly 2,000 workers still die annually in 2000s from industrial accidents and the number of serious accidents in which 3 or more people suffer death/injury tops 200. In fact, many of these accidents are similar to the past incidents in their nature. Therefore, we need to take full preventive measures against repeating those tragic accidents by case-studying the past incidents. In light of this, we've decided to describe on this page cases of industrial accidents occurred in Japan including their summaries and leading causes.2000年代の日本では年間2000人近くの労働者が労働災害で死亡しており、3人以上が死傷する重篤な事故は年間200件を超えていました。実際、これらの事故の多くは、過去の事故と似たような傾向を持っています。そのため、過去の事故を事例研究することで、悲惨な事故を繰り返さないように万全の予防策を講じる必要があります。そこで、このページでは、日本国内で発生した労働災害の事例を、その概要と主な原因を含めて紹介することにしました。
No.113 A worker is killed by electric shock when he touches the charged part of an electrode holderAnother window opensアーク溶接作業中、溶接棒の取替時にホルダー充電部に接触して感電Another window opens
No.112 A worker is killed by electric shock while replacing the ballast in a fluorescent light panelAnother window opens蛍光灯の安定器の取替え作業を、活線作業で行っていたときに感電Another window opens
No.111 A worker is killed by electric shock when he touches the switch of high-voltage power-receiving facility at an auto-repair garageAnother window opens自動車修理工場で高圧受電設備の開閉器に触れ感電Another window opens
No.110 A worker is caught by a rotary panel during cleaning work near a machine that manufactures exterior wall materials for residential useAnother window opens住宅用外壁材生産のための反転機付近を清掃中、回転盤にはさまれるAnother window opens
No.109 A worker is caught between the screed, which had descended, and the surface of the road during work to clean an asphalt finisherAnother window opensアスファルトフィニッシャの清掃中、降下したスクリュードと路面との間に挟まれるAnother window opens
No.108 A worker walking on a cargo pile of rounded steel bars is killed when the pile falls over, catching the head of the workerAnother window opens丸鋼材のはい上を歩行中、落下した丸鋼材に頭部をはさまれるAnother window opens
No.107 During unloading operations by a forklift at a delivery site, the forklift overturns and falls on the victimAnother window opens納品先のフォークリフトで荷卸し中、フォークリフトが横転Another window opens
No.106 A worker is caught between the stanchions designed to support the netting at a golf driving range during work to reposition the stanchionsAnother window opensゴルフ練習場のネット用支柱の移動作業中、支柱の間に挟まれるAnother window opens
No.105 A worker is caught in forklift mast during work to repair shutter in a warehouseAnother window opens製品倉庫内でシャッターの修理中、フォークリフトにはさまれるAnother window opens
No.104 Fall while adjusting the sliding door for ventilation from the fork of a forkliftAnother window opensフォークリフトのフォーク上で換気用開閉引戸の調整中転落Another window opens
No.103 The edge of a trench suddenly collapses during work to inspect an excavated sewage trenchAnother window opens宅地造成現場で下水道溝掘削の法肩を点検中、突然足下が崩れたAnother window opens
No.102 The sides of an excavation trench collapse during work to remove earth that had fallen into the trench at the construction site of an agricultural drainage channelAnother window opens農業集落排水工事現場において、掘削構内に崩れ落ちた土砂の除去作業中に、掘削法面が崩壊Another window opens
No.101 Worker was hit by a rock thrown up by the root of a tree that was uprooted when a cut tree fell against itAnother window opens伐倒木がかかり木となり、その木も倒れて根元にあった岩石が作業者を直撃Another window opens
No.100 Run over when a dump truck stopped on sloping ground starts to moveAnother window opens傾斜地に停車させたダンプトラックが逸走しひかれるAnother window opens
No.99 The coupling clamp of a hanging chain breaks and falls while a wire rope is being wound up during bridge construction workAnother window opens橋梁工事においてワイヤロープ巻き取り中、吊りチェーン留め金具が破断し、落下したワイヤロープで頭部を直撃Another window opens
No.98 A worker is struck by a load lifting attachment on cargo hoisting equipment during work to unload lumber in holdAnother window opens接岸中の本船の船倉内において、製材の陸揚げ作業中、揚貨装置のつり具(スプレッダー)に激突されるAnother window opens
No.97 The operator of a drag shovel is crushed by running into a beam during work to improve a sewage channelAnother window opens下水路改修工事現場でドラグ・ショベルの運転者が切梁に激突Another window opens
No.96 A refrigerator truck runs into a working section where paving work is being carried out and knocks down the workersAnother window opens道路舗装工事の作業箇所に、減速した前車を避けようとした保冷車が突っ込み作業員らを跳ね飛ばしたAnother window opens
No.95 A worker is run over by a tire roller with a broken brake during road paving and maintenance workAnother window opens道路舗装修繕工事中、ブレーキが故障していたタイヤローラーに作業員がひかれたAnother window opens
No.94 Large truck smashes into an elevated work vehicle being used to install roadway lighting fixturesAnother window opens大型トラックが道路の照明灯取付作業中の高所作業車に激突Another window opens
No.93 Caught by jib being dismantled from a mobile craneAnother window opens移動式クレーンジブ分解時における狭圧災害Another window opens
No.92 Gondola falls while being lifted by mobile craneAnother window opens移動式クレーンでつり上げていた搭乗設備が落下Another window opens
No.91 Mobile crane topples over during bridge construction workAnother window opens橋梁建設工事における移動式クレーンの転倒Another window opens
No.90 Caught between the cargo elevator cage and the floorAnother window opens荷物用エレベーターの搬器と床との間に挟まれるAnother window opens
No.89 Worker cleaning a hold crushed by falling cargo during work to unload lumber by cargo hoisting equipmentAnother window opens揚貨装置で製材の荷揚げ中、製材がスリングから抜け落ちて船倉の清掃作業員に激突Another window opens
No.88 Crushed under falling logs during work to unload logs from a ship by mobile craneAnother window opens船から移動式クレーンで木材の荷卸し中、荷崩れ防止用のスタンションが倒れ下敷となるAnother window opens
No.87 Cage of cargo elevator falls while work is being carried out in the pit to repair cargo elevator that stopped during its descentAnother window opens下降中に停止した荷物用エレベーターをピット内で調整中、搬器が落下Another window opens
No.86 Jib collapses during disinfection work for fishes by using a crane-mounted boat at an aquaculture pondAnother window opens養殖場でクレーン船により魚の消毒作業中、ジブが倒壊Another window opens
No.85 Truck crane topples while trying to unload a drag shovel from the truck craneAnother window opensトラッククレーンからドラグショベルを降ろす作業中クレーンが横転Another window opens
No.84 Wheel crane toppled when outriggers sank into soft ground during lifting operationsAnother window opensホイールクレーンで荷をつり上げ中、アウトリガーがめり込んでクレーンが転倒Another window opens
No.83 Fall together with drag shovel during work to load volcanic ashAnother window opensドラグ・ショベルで火山灰の積込み中、機体とともに路肩から転落Another window opens
No.82 Fall from mobile crane bucket during descendingAnother window opensつり足場の撤去作業において、移動式クレーンで作業床に作業員を乗せたままつり上げ旋回中墜落Another window opens
No.81 Fall while moving a ladder during work to prune Japanese cedarsAnother window opens農道開設工事で杉の枝払い作業のため「はしご」を移動中に墜落Another window opens
No.80 Fall from a cable crane bucket during retaining wall constructionAnother window opensコンクリート擁護工事で、ケーブルクレーンのバケットから墜落Another window opens
No.79 Fall from the second-floor ceiling beam during the construction of a new wooden houseAnother window opens木造住宅新築工事で2階天井の梁から墜落Another window opens
No.78 Fall into a hole excavated by earth augerAnother window opensアースオーガーにより掘削した孔に転落Another window opens
No.77 Fall because the hook of the safety belt rope came off from its mounting during assembly of steel power transmission towerAnother window opens送電線鉄塔の組立て作業中、キーロックロープが取付部から外れ墜落Another window opens
No.76 Fall from a toppling utility pole during removal of temporary electric wireAnother window opens電柱上で仮設電線の撤去作業中、電柱が根元から折れて墜落Another window opens
No.75 Fall during assembly of suspended scaffold for bridge paintingAnother window opens橋梁の塗装工事でつり足場を組立作業中墜落Another window opens
No.74 Fall during tiling the roof of a new houseAnother window opens住宅新築工事において屋根瓦葺作業中に天窓箇所から墜落Another window opens
No.73 Fatal blood loss after cutting the femoral artery by a portable circular saw at a construction site for shield workAnother window opensシールド工事の残土搬出用ホッパー上部の改修作業中、携帯用丸のこで右大腿部を切るAnother window opens
No.72 Fatal heat stroke during work to process industrial wasteAnother window opens産業廃棄物処理場で作業中熱中症で死亡Another window opens
No.71 Fall from utility pole due to electric shock while inspecting high-voltage power receiving equipmentAnother window opens高圧受電設備の点検のため昇柱し、電撃ショックで墜落Another window opens
No.70 Electric shock caused by mobile crane boom coming into contact with high-voltage line while hoisting containersAnother window opensトウモロコシの入ったコンテナの積み込み作業中、小型移動式クレーンのブームが高圧電線に接触Another window opens
No.69 Electrocuted while trying to remove a PT fuse by the naked hand in a building electrical roomAnother window opensビルの電気室でPTヒューズを素手で抜こうとして感電Another window opens
No.68 Caught in between a building wall and an aerial platform while operating the platformAnother window opens高所作業車を運転中、工事中の建物の壁と作業車の間に挟まれるAnother window opens
No.67 Caught in between the bucket and machine body during drag shovel dismantling workAnother window opensドラグショベルの解体作業中、バケットと機体の間に挟まれるAnother window opens
No.66 Hit by a falling hammer during the assembling of a pile driverAnother window opensくい打機の組立作業中、降下してきたハンマーに頭部を挟まれるAnother window opens
No.65 Drawn into the mixer while cleaning a concrete pump vehicleAnother window opensコンクリートポンプ車の攪拌機を清掃中に巻き込まれるAnother window opens
No.64 Caught between the bucket of a drag shovel and the vertical steel sheeting in a shaftAnother window opens立坑内でドラッグ・ショベルのバケットと鋼矢板の間にはさまれるAnother window opens
No.63 Steel plate slipped free of wire hook while the plate was unloaded from truck using a drag shovelAnother window opens建設工事用鋼板をバックホーでトラックから下ろす作業中、鋼板が外れるAnother window opens
No.62 Concrete injection hose swang out of control, knocking the victim onto steel reinforcing rodsAnother window opens圧送ホースが外れて、そのホースに叩かれ転倒して鉄筋に刺さったAnother window opens
No.61 Fall and hit by a roll of tin-plated sheet metal at plastic greenhouse installationAnother window opensブドウ園のビニールハウスの桶取付作業中転落し、トタン板ロールが激突Another window opens
No.60 Overcome by anoxia while working in a shaft to confirm the nature of the soilAnother window opens地質の確認をするため、立坑内にはしごで降りて酸素欠乏症になるAnother window opens
No.59 Methyl bromide poisoning while cleaning a grain siloAnother window opens穀物用サイロの清掃中に臭化メチル中毒Another window opens
No.58 Operator fell and killed when drag shovel toppled from road by collapsing shoulderAnother window opensドラグショベルで工事中、路肩が崩壊しドラグショベルとともに転落Another window opens
No.57 Crushed by falling bags piled in a warehouseAnother window opens倉庫で「はい」が崩れ下敷きとなるAnother window opens
No.56 Victim crushed when machine slipped off a jackAnother window opens機械を搬出するためジャッキアップしたところ機械が倒れ下敷きとなるAnother window opens
No.55 Rockslide when installing safety netting on a steep slopeAnother window opens斜面の落石防護網の取り付け工事中に落石が発生したAnother window opens
No.54 Fatality caused by landslide while digging a sewer trenchAnother window opens下水管布設のための溝掘削工事における土砂崩壊Another window opens
No.53 Fatal injury caused by fall of empty pallets being stacked by forkliftAnother window opensフォークリフトを使用して空パレットを高く積み重ねたところ、上部のパレットが崩壊Another window opens
No.52 Worker killed in fall from forklift palletAnother window opens荷とともにフォークリフトのパレットに搭乗した作業者が墜落Another window opens
No.51 Anoxia during scaffolding work to repair the intake pit at a garbage disposal siteAnother window opensごみ処理場のピット内修理のための足場組立作業中に酸素欠乏症Another window opens
No.50 Two victims and a rescuer suffered from anoxia in a sewerage system manholeAnother window opens下水道のマンホール内で酸素欠乏症、救助者も酸素欠乏症Another window opens
No.49 Insecticide spouted from a spraying nozzle during preparatory work after pouring insecticide into a sprayer tankAnother window opens動力噴霧機のタンクに殺虫剤を入れて散布の準備をしていたところ、散布ノズルから殺虫剤が噴出Another window opens
No.48 Chlorine gas poisoning at drinking water facilitiesAnother window opens上水施設内で次亜塩素酸ソーダ等を投入中に塩素ガスで中毒Another window opens
No.47 Acute organic solvent poisoning while washing the inside of a drum with tolueneAnother window opensトルエンでドラム缶の内部を洗浄作業中に急性有機溶剤中毒Another window opens
No.46 Anoxia fatality during hatch-opening work following lumber fumigation in a ship's cargo holdAnother window opens船倉での木材燻蒸終了後のハッチ等の開放作業中に酸素欠乏症で死亡Another window opens
No.45 All workers suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning during dishwashing work in a hotel kitchenAnother window opensホテルの厨房で食器洗い作業中全員が一酸化炭素中毒Another window opens
No.44 Inhaling ethylene oxide gas during sterilization work in a hospitalAnother window opens病院内で殺菌作業中に酸化エチレンガスを吸引Another window opens
No.43 Explosion inside a tank during wastewater system repair workAnother window opens廃水タンクの内壁コーティングの準備作業中、マンホールの蓋を開けたところ爆発Another window opens
No.42 A hoist came off the rail when a ladle was being moved by a floor operated overhead crane, and a worker was covered with the molten metalAnother window opens溶湯を入れた取鍋を床上操作式クレーンで移動中、ホイストがレールから外れ溶湯を浴びるAnother window opens
No.41 Explosion due to abnormal reaction in the refining process for explosive materialsAnother window opens爆薬の精製工程において異常反応で爆発Another window opens
No.40 Explosion at surface treatment furnace for automobile componentsAnother window opens自動車部品の金属表面の処理炉で爆発Another window opens
No.39 Dust explosion when flour was fed into a storage hopper by air pressureAnother window opens貯蔵タンク内に小麦粉を空気圧で送入していたところ粉じん爆発Another window opens
No.38 Tank explosion due to a chemical reaction because the hose of a tank truck was connected to the wrong flangeAnother window opens
No.37 A guard was crushed by a road roller during road paving workAnother window opens道路の舗装工事で車両の誘導をしていた警備員がローラーにひかれるAnother window opens
No.36 A dump truck jumped the median strip and crashed into a van in the opposite laneAnother window opens住宅の土盛り用山砂をダンプトラックで運搬中、道路の中央分離帯を飛び越えて対向車に激突Another window opens
No.35 Hit by an express train while painting a protective fence at a crossing barrierAnother window opens警報機・遮断機付き踏み切りにおいて、防護柵の塗装作業中に急行列車にはねられたAnother window opens
No.34 The cargo bed descended during repair work under a dump truck bedAnother window opensダンプカーの荷台下で修理作業中荷台が降下Another window opens
No.33 Fatality due to heatstroke during lead ingot manufacturing at a smelting furnaceAnother window opens鉛溶解炉を用いて鉛インゴットを製造する工程で熱中症Another window opens
No.32 Worker crushed to death by an iron plate that was dislodged by pile driver crawlerAnother window opens杭打機のクローラのシューに敷鉄板がはさまり反転し、その下敷きになるAnother window opens
No.31 Worker killed by a tree falling from the roadsideduring lumber collecting workAnother window opens伐倒木の集材作業中、道路脇の立木が風で倒れ、待機中の作業者に激突Another window opens
No.30 Worker killed by a chain saw during tree felling workAnother window opens伐倒木の枝払い作業中にチェンソーで自分の大腿部を切るAnother window opens
No.29 Worker killed by being struck by a punchAnother window opensプレス機械のポンチが折れて飛来し、胸を直撃Another window opens
No.28 Trapped by a belt conveyor while trying to retrieve a dropped tool during periodic incinerator inspection and repair workAnother window opensパンチプレスのクランク軸を手動で回そうとして工具で打撃されるAnother window opens
No.27 Worker killed when muck car broke free from battery-powered locomotive and ran out of control at the tunnel construction site.Another window opensずい道内でバッテリーロコから鋼車が離脱し暴走Another window opens
No.26 Collapse of hardened block of cement during operations to break it upAnother window opensセメントサイロ内でセメントの山を崩す作業中にセメントの山が崩壊Another window opens
No.25 Buried by urea while unclogging a belt conveyer hopperAnother window opens尿素用ベルトコンベアへのホッパー投入口の詰まりを落としているときに尿素が崩れ落ち埋没Another window opens
No.24 Crushed by collapse of casting sand flexible-containersAnother window opens鋳物砂の入ったフレコンバッグが崩壊し下敷きとなるAnother window opens
No.23 Trapped by a belt conveyor while trying to retrieve a dropped tool during periodic incinerator inspection and repair workAnother window opensゴミ焼却炉の点検・補修作業中、落ちた工具を拾おうとしてコンベアにはさまれるAnother window opens
No.22 Caught between the truck and the bucket of a drag shovel while carrying out work to unload steel panelsAnother window opens鋼板の荷降ろし作業中、ドラグショベルを旋回させたとき作業者がトラックとの間に挟まれるAnother window opens
No.21 Caught between the dredge counterweight and a winch guard during dredging work to improve a fishing portAnother window opens漁港修築現場で浚渫船が旋回した際に、旋回体下部とウインチガード用囲いの間にはさまれるAnother window opens
No.20 Shoring being dismantled at an excavation site slipped while it was being lifted by mobile crane, crushing the victim between the shoring and the concrete structureAnother window opens土止め支保工の解体中に移動式クレーンで吊り上げた支保工が横ずれし躯体との間にはさまれるAnother window opens
No.19 Overturning of a crane-mounted truck while carrying out work to load steel plateAnother window opensトラッククレーンで覆工板の積み込み作業中、クレーンが横転Another window opens
No.18 Support wires used in work to install pre-stressed concrete lattice girders snapped during work to assemble movable shoringAnother window opens移動吊支保工の組み立て段取り作業中、型枠トラス梁を吊っていたワイヤーが切断Another window opens
No.17 Logs falling from a barker table during work using an overhead traveling crane to hoist logs into position for processingAnother window opensホイスト式天井クレーンで原木を移動中、盤台から原木が落下Another window opens
No.16 Caught in machinery because of the sudden movement of a stopped trolley hopper at an asphalt mixerAnother window opensアスファルトプラントの停止していたトロリーホッパが動いてはさまれるAnother window opens
No.15 Caught between the cage of a cargo elevator and the underside of the second floor at a fish processing plantAnother window opens魚加工工場の荷物用エレベーターの搬器と2階の床との間に挟まれるAnother window opens
No.14 Falling along with the elevator cage resulting from a snapped cable on a cargo elevatorAnother window opensエレベーターの巻き上げ用ワイヤーロープが切断し、搬器とともに落下Another window opens
No.13 Falling along with a steel frame during work to load steel frames onto the cargo bed of a truckAnother window opens鉄骨をトラックに積み込み作業中、鉄骨とともに荷台から転落Another window opens
No.12 Caught between plug table and unit frame during repair work on a plastic molding machineAnother window opensプラスチック成形機の修理中、プラグテーブルとフレームの間に挟まれるAnother window opens
No.11 Fall through an opening while unloading steel rods from the cargo bed of a truck that had delivered the materials to a subway construction siteAnother window opens地下鉄工事現場でトラック荷台から鉄筋搬入作業中、開口部から墜落Another window opens
No.10 Organic solvent poisoning during work to remodel a used tankAnother window opens中古タンクの改造作業中、タンク内で有機溶剤中毒Another window opens
No.9 Electrocuted while removing dust in the electrical distribution room of a hotelAnother window opensホテルの電気室内で「ほこり」を払おうとして感電Another window opens
No.8 Fire broke out in a Thai restaurant when the owner was trying to lay carpet by himselfAnother window opensタイ人経営レストランで自ら「じゅうたん」張付け作業中に火災Another window opens
No.7 Electrocuted while repairing semi-conductor manufacturing equipmentAnother window opens半導体製造装置の故障修理中に感電Another window opens
No.6 Operator crushed by suddenly descending forklift container while trying to remove a piece of wood caught between the lift cylindersAnother window opensはさまった木切れを取り除き作業中にフォークリフトのバケットが降下してはさまれるAnother window opens
No.5 Chemical burns to skin by contact with high-density raw liquid phenol while taking countermeasures against abnormal reactions in the synthesizing reaction process for phenolAnother window opensフェノール樹脂の合成反応工程で、異常反応の非常処置作業中に未反応の高濃度フェノール液が皮膚に接触して化学火傷Another window opens
No.4 Skin exposure to hazardous radioactivity during X-ray leakage testsAnother window opensエックス線装置の漏洩エックス線検査中、放射線皮膚障害Another window opens
No.3 A reaction vessel burst due to a sudden increase in its internal pressure as a result of abnormal reactions during the process producing intermediate pharmaceutical productsAnother window opens医薬品中間物を製造中、異常反応により反応容器の内圧が急上昇し、容器が破裂Another window opens
No.2 Paper dust ignited during repair work milling room of a paper manufacturing plantAnother window opens紙製造工場の抄紙室において補修作業中、紙粉が爆発Another window opens
No.1 A forklift operator was caught between the mast and the head guard while trying to straighten a loose loadAnother window opensフォークリフトの積荷の荷崩れを修復中、マストとヘッドガードとの間にはさまれるAnother window opens

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