Outline of OSH Law(Link to JICOSH, before FY2007)

JICOSHAnother window opens introduces "Outline of Japan' s Industrial Safety and Health LawAnother window opens". It was prepared before FY2007, but the contents are summarized in an easy-to-understand manner, so I will show you links in English and Japanese versions.

For the latest English version of OSH Law, please check the link from OSH legislation in JapanAnother window opens.

Outline of Japan's Industrial Safety and Health Law

Japan's rapid industrialization and economic growth in the latter half of the 1900s resulted in significant increases in the number of industrial accidents, leading to the worst record of 6,712 fatal accidents in 1961.

As such accidents not only put people's lives at risk but also negatively affect normal production activities and socioeconomic development, a number of measures have been actively taken by industries, government agencies and related organizations to positively promote industrial safety and health activities in the workplace. As a result of such efforts, the number of fatal accidents has now been reduced to about one-third of the worst levels record in the past.

In particular, it should be noted that the decline in the number of accidents became conspicuous after the Industrial Safety and Health Law was enacted in 1972. This means that the law has largely contributed to reducing industrial accidents.

Japan's Industrial Safety and Health Law and related ordinances were introduced in the article OSH LegislationAnother window opens in JICOSHAnother window opens website upto FY2007. In addition to this, we would like to introduce the new OSH legislation in Japan in our website.

  English Explanation(Before FY2007) 日本語解説(2007年度以前のもの)
1Safety and Health Management SystemAnother window opens安全衛生管理体制Another window opens
2Safety and Health CommitteesAnother window opens安全衛生委員会Another window opens
3Measures to Protect Workers from Hazards or Health ImpairmentsAnother window opens労働者の危険又は健康障害を防止するための措置Another window opens
4Ordinances on machine etc.Another window opens機械等に関する規制Another window opens
5Regulations concerning Harmful SubstancesAnother window opens有害物に関する規制Another window opens
6Regulations Concerning Restrictions on Placement and QualificationsAnother window opens就業制限・資格に関する規制Another window opens
7Regulations Concerning Safety and Health EducationAnother window opens安全衛生教育に関する規制Another window opens
8Regulations for Maintaining and Promoting Health (1)Another window opens健康の保持増進のための規制等(1)Another window opens
9Regulations for Maintaining and Promoting Health (2)Another window opens健康の保持増進のための規制等(2)Another window opens
10Government Responsibilities(1)Another window opens国の実施事項(1)Another window opens
11Government Responsibilities(2)Another window opens国の実施事項(2)Another window opens
12Matters to be Observed by WorkersAnother window opens労働者の遵守事項Another window opens
13Penalty ProvisionsAnother window opens罰則Another window opens
14Safety Management System in Construction WorkAnother window opens建設工事における安全衛生管理体制Another window opens
15Special Regulations Concerning Master EmployersAnother window opens元方事業者に対する特別規制Another window opens
16Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Industrial Accidents due to Falls from HeightsAnother window opens墜落・転落による災害防止に関する規制Another window opens
17Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Danger from MachinesAnother window opens一般機械による災害防止に関する規制Another window opens
18Regulations Concerning Industrial RobotsAnother window opens産業用ロボットについての規制Another window opens
19Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Industrial Accidents Resulting from Flying Objects and Ground CollapsesAnother window opens飛来・崩壊による災害防止に関する規制Another window opens
20Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Industrial Accidents Resulting from Cargo Handling/Hauling MachinesAnother window opens荷役運搬機械による災害防止に関する規制Another window opens
21Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Industrial Accidents Resulting from ElectricityAnother window opens電気による災害防止に関する規制Another window opens
22Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Explosions/Fires (Part 1)Another window opens爆発火災の防止に関する規制(その1)Another window opens
23Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Explosions/Fires (Part 2)Another window opens爆発火災の防止に関する規制(その2)Another window opens
24Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Industrial Accidents Resulting From Cargo Handling WorkAnother window opens貨物の取り扱い時の災害防止に関する規制Another window opens
25General Health Standards for OfficesAnother window opens事務所等の一般的衛生基準Another window opens
26Prevention of Organic Solvent PoisoningAnother window opens有機溶剤中毒の予防Another window opens
27Prevention of health damage likely to be caused by specified chemical substances, etc.Another window opens特定化学物質等の障害予防Another window opens
28Prevention of anoxia, etc.Another window opens酸素欠乏症等の防止Another window opens
29Prevention of hazards due to dustAnother window opens粉じん障害の防止Another window opens
30Prevention of lead poisoning, etc.Another window opens鉛中毒等の予防Another window opens
31Prevention of health hazards due to ionizing radiationAnother window opens電離放射線障害の防止Another window opens
32Safety of boilers and pressure vesselsAnother window opensボイラー・圧力容器の安全Another window opens
33Safety of cranes, etcAnother window opensクレーン等の安全Another window opens
34Examination of machines and other equipmentAnother window opens機械等の検定Another window opens
35Authorized agencies for inspection at the time of manufacture, etcAnother window opens製造時等検査代行機関等Another window opens
36Measurement of the working environmentAnother window opens作業環境の測定Another window opens
37Industrial accident prevention organizationsAnother window opens労働災害防止団体Another window opens
38Pneumoconiosis and health careAnother window opensじん肺と健康管理Another window opens
39The Labour Standards Law, and safety and healthAnother window opens労働基準法と安全衛生Another window opens
40Dormitories attached to enterprisesAnother window opens事業附属寄宿舎Another window opens
41Worker loan business, and safety and healthAnother window opens労働者派遣業務と安全衛生Another window opens
42Accident compensation of workersAnother window opens労働者の災害補償Another window opens

JapaneseAnother window opens

全ての働く人々に安全・健康を 〜Safe Work , Safe Life〜

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